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This reading class is modest in size but intense in its literary practices.

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Paradoxically these educated and mobile elites work hard to put down local roots by, among other strategies, exploring regional writing. Ultimately, due to the technological, economic, and political advantages they wield, cosmopolitan readers are able to celebrate, perpetuate, and reinvigorate local culture. Table of Contents. State Patronage in Norway and the U. Authors from Survey Appendix B. Elizabeth Long, author of Book Clubs. Griswold explores new territory and underscores its significance cogently and incisively.

Add in a decline in reading among young adults and teens in the United States and an explosion in digital tools and games, and the future looks ever more homogenous. But Wendy Griswold argues the opposite, and she backs it up with a trove of evidence ranging from population studies to literary analysis to sociological research to the history of publishing. In truth, she says, regionalism is holding steady against the tide, and its strongest supporters lie among the people who do more than read for information and work.

Linguistic Diversity in India

This group is not suppressed or discouraged by globalization and digital media. The reading class is cosmopolitan and mobile, but it wants local connections. As Griswold concludes, the future of regionalism looks bright.

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Paul DiMaggio, Princeton University. Griswold answers a series of tantalizing puzzles and, by the end, provides a perspective on culture in an age of globalization that is novel, sound, and satisfying. A brilliant example of how the sociology of culture, masterfully applied, can illuminate the most complex and challenging debates in the study of culture.

They offer an argument that challenges and connects seemingly disparate disciplines. It should transform geography, media studies, library and information management, internet studies, history and popular cultural studies.

It is a reminder of the need to make connections and remember the particular, the different and the regional. Our look at local color provides students with understanding Regional aspects in the literature we will be reading, from Mark Twain and Bret Harte in our Regionalism unit to the characteristics that craft the setting and storytelling of Stephen Crane and Kate Chopin as we move into Naturalism and Social Causes.

Because the dialect of Mark Twain's "The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" can make it challenging to read, and because students will be attempting to decode the dialect as they read, I provide time for them to read the story in class. Address Twain's use of dialect in the story. If you come across words or phrases you do not understand or recognize, determine the meaning using a dictionary or the internet.


Identify where the "frame" of the story is. How and why does Twain switch between the "Eastern" narrator and Simon Wheeler? What impact does the frame have on the story?

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  6. On humor? Yesterday , we introduced both Twain's dialect and his use of the frame story. Today, students are are "set loose" in order to tackle and understand these things in practice.

    Regionalism and the Reading Class

    By providing the academic environment for them to read in, I can provide any assistance they may need, once they have exhausted context clues, footnotes, and reference materials. Many of my students have grown into or fallen into the habit of having answers handed to them. Today is a step toward stressing self-directed learning, the first item identified in the new mission banner the district has adopted. With two minutes remaining, I ask students who may have moved to return to their regular seats and remind them that the homework is to complete anything they may not have completed in class is homework.

    Regionalism and the Reading Class, Griswold

    I also ask, and address, any questions "for the good of the group. Empty Layer. Home Professional Learning.

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