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Go on a road trip. Nothing says togetherness like riding in a car for a long period of time. Create a playlist of music you both want, pick a destination and start driving. Read together. Whether your daughter is two-years-old or 12, pick a book to read aloud together. You'll never forget the experience of bonding over words together. Set up a science project. Studies show girls lose interest in science by age 15 , so start early and keep her engaged to fight this startling statistic.

We've got the best science experiments here. Go to high tea. Find a fancy hat and get your pinkies up. High tea is a luxurious activity that every mom and daughter should do at least once. Volunteer or do a community service project. There are lots of community activities for families. Pick an activity that will help mom and daughter give back to others while spending time together. Schedule a professional photo shoot. Most moms have hundreds of photos of their daughters, and we all love a good selfie. But having a photographer other than yourself capture lasting memories is a gift you'll enjoy well into the future.

Travel to a new city. You can take a plane ride to another state or drive to the next town over. Explore a new city with your daughter, and see what you both find interesting. Have a good cry together.

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Showing your daughter that's it's okay to express her feelings is important. And, it's important to show her that you're human, too. Take a hike. Find a trail to explore. Walk through your local park. Stroll the beach, mountains or desert. Enjoying nature together may open your eyes to many new things along the path. Bake a cake or cook a full dinner.

You've probably enlisted your daughter's help in baking cookies or peeling a vegetable now and then. Take the culinary skills up a notch and attempt creating an entire cake or a four-course meal. She had her photo. I could not imagine what that was like. Ashley said that her moment with Barton was another sign from Adrianna, with Barton telling Ashley that she taught her what Christmas is all about. That trait of unification didn't just live in Adrianna during her short life. After an act like last Sunday, it's easy to say Ashley garners that spirit, too.

A true, everlasting bond, "Adrianna Strength" will always be part of the young mother's life moving forward. Aaron Young is a reporter at The Des Moines Register, focusing on what Iowans are talking about on the internet and on social media.

Meri Duniya Tu Hi Re

Email: ayoung2 dmreg. Phone: Twitter: AaYoung Facebook: Facebook. Their little angel: An Iowa mom's story of tragedy and the magic of Christmas Aaron Young ayoung2 dmreg. Adrianna was a month old when she died unexpectedly in October. Adrianna Hoffman was born on Sept. They questioned my motherhood and couldn't believe I was missing the initial years of my little one's growing up. Yet I continued, not out of necessity but choice, for the next 4 years.

I took a break thereafter and have stayed at home, for a year now and people still judge me, accuse me of being sacked or chickening out in tough times. I have never given them justifications, I just did what I felt was right for my daughter, household and career at a certain time. As I move forward with this philosophy, I thank my stars and await the next twist they roll-down to me. Though it is full of challenging but l m enjoying my motherhood as my husband nd my guardian r very much supportive.

It's a God gifted stage for woman. Since d very first day of pregnancy to birth of sweet Cupid I used to eat fruits except papaya nd pineapple , veggies, dairy products. Lots of water.. Don't get stressed. Do light exercise nd walk. Do whatever u love. At d time of operation table I requested to play some music nd d blissful moment came Tears came out. Being a new mom it's tough.. Be polite, learn lullaby, rhymes nd lots of childish activity.

30 Inspiring Mom Quotes From Daughter

Maintain his timetable, daily bath with lukewarm water, feed him with care and love, burp each nd every breast feed nd after6 months give ur baby little solids like suji, poha, smashed potato, biscuits. Play wit him, take him outdoor daily in evening. I used to talk frm d first day. Always give him smile. Be like a shadow of him. Each nd every moment is very special for u nd ur baby too.. May 05, It's been 8 months that I got a promotion as Mom. Since from Day1, lucky inspiring me to be a better person every day, each day is new to me since from his birth, if I close my eyes I can see nothing but his face with pure smile..

I feel I am completed and now my biggest responsibility is to learn from him about being exited on every small things and love people, what i feel is before lucky's birth i just exist but God has given another chance to live the life and he is teaching me how to live.. Love you naanoo.

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Being a mom of Reyansh Its an accidental pregnancy My pregancy and delivery after this no worries in baby care becoz I became expert as I m pediatric nurse. But when you know many things its make u more worried with small problem Really its a tough job to rear a child. Its a wonderful gift from god I am just trying to be healthy and fit so I can enjoy each moment with my child. I am learning so many things from him. I m inspried by him.

As he growing I am growing as a mother. I want to say to all mother that you are best thatswhy you are selected as a mother. Coming from a protective environment and a different city, I wasn't really at home in Delhi. My only companions my thirteen month old son n my laptop keep me busy. Being an IT professional, my husband has an extremely busy schedule and we get to spend time only on weekends.

But the medicine gave him no relief and his condition worsened. He would soil 20 diapers a day and he had high fever. He was cranky and inconsolable. I couldn't see him like this and I hated my very existence as I was of no help to him. At this moment I realized that I have to stop being a victim and help my son. I booked a cab and took my son to the hospital where he was given injections.

The reason the mother-daughter bond is the strongest of all

I called my husband and he was surprised to know that we were at the hospital. Then he was advised injections for 5 more days and it was mommy who would take him there in the morning and in the evening. This incident helped me grow as an individual, it taught me,"to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield ".

Now i go to the market alone and I'm not hesitant to wear a smile on my face. And I can vouch like all the other moms motherhood made me more caring more responsible and courageous. It was my first child when I was reading a book, named" chicken soup "series for mom It had an article regarding sending love notes to ur kids with tiffin box I started giving written one or two liner notes to my little angle how much I love her, Wat so special about her and all.

Mom's Little Angel: Stories of the Special Bond Between Mothers and Daughters

After some time I got another angle nd really get busy with all stuff of two kids n the writing process was no more. One day when my elder one was in 2 nd class she came home after school n give me her tiffin nd asked me to open it up.. There was a small paper card which was full of oil n turmeric stain Nd it read mom u make world's best food. I love you mom. That was the day I felt proudest mom of the world.