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The field of electrodynamics was extended further during the late 19th and 20th centuries. For instance, Albert Einstein who proposed the Law of Special Relativity in , showed that electric and magnetic fields are part of the same phenomena viewed from different reference frames. The emergence of quantum mechanics also led to the development of quantum electrodynamics QED. A classic example of a magnetic field is the field created by an iron magnet.

The Magnetic Field of Earth and Other Celestial Bodies

As previously mentioned, the magnetic field can be illustrated by surrounding it with iron filings, which will be attracted to its field lines and form in a looping formation around the poles. Credit: NASA Such a field is called a dipole field because it has two poles — north and south, located at either end of the magnet — where the strength of the field is at its maximum. Other celestial bodies have been shown to have magnetic fields of their own. However, due to either a massive collision , or rapid cooling in its interior , Mars lost its magnetic field billions of years ago.

It is because of this that Mars is believed to have lost most of its atmosphere , and the ability to maintain liquid water on its surface. When it comes down to it, electromagnetism is a fundamental part of our Universe, right up there with nuclear forces and gravity. Understanding how it works, and where magnetic fields occur, is not only key to understanding how the Universe came to be, but may also help us to find life beyond Earth someday.

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We have written many articles about the magnetic field for Universe Today. Listen here, Episode Earth. I have always wondered what mechanism does a magnetic force uses to move objects attracted to a magnet or being repelled as in same magnetic poles. This mechanism is invisible, and works through non-metallic barriers such as paper, wood etc.

In a similar situation with the case of forces of gravity, we now know that gravity works by distorting space-time, so objects within it is sort of pushed around by the thinned-out space. How does magnetism do it? Physicists say that it is the exchange of virtual photons. The idea is that all forces are manifest by the exchange of the characteristic force particles. The math works out, as I understand it.

Outer Space

The reason why most metallic objects provide effective shielding against EM fields is due to the electrical conductivity of the material. I see you are slowly realizing the importance of electromagnetism in the structure and function of the universe. The massive magnetic fields being measured by nearly every NASA mission to the sun and deep space are undeniable.

The obvious fact that accompanies these findings is that there is an electric current flow of charged particles that occurs concomitantly with every magnetic field.

Origin of the magnetic fields of the earth and celestial bodies

It is clear that everything we see in space is due to the radiation generated from plasma in the glow mode. So it would be wise to consider the electromagnetic nature of the universe rather than create mystical entities that defy the laws of physics to explain it. No matter what mathematicians propose, their lack of observation and experimental confirmation relegates their concepts to the science fiction realm…. Your preoccupation with gravity will eventually fade as you begin to comprehend the massive electromagnetic forces responsible for star and galaxy formation.

Once the obvious predominance of plasma physics and electrical engineering principles becomes clear to you there will be no further need for gravity based inventions such as dark matter and black holes.

It is with a sigh of relief that I finally see papers being published in mainstream journals that suggest dark matter may not exist at all Astrophysics Journal. Recognizing the spin of galaxies, stars and planets could not possibly be accounted for by dark matter or gravity is just a first step. But this work highlights the possibility that dynamo experiments could permit investigation of magnetohydrodynamic phenomena inaccessible numerically and could augment our understanding of the dynamo mechanism in planets and stars. After receiving his Ph. His major research interests are connected with geophysical fluid dynamics and include magnetohydrodynamics, the dynamo effect, turbulence, and instabilities.

Gallet, S. Boisson, F. Daviaud, B. Dubrulle, N. Bonnefoy, M. Bourgoin, Ph. Odier, J.

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    Fauve, and F. A simple device controls which direction microwaves travel in a circuit, a critical ingredient for quantum technologies that demand sensitive signal detection. A ten-qubit system based on spins in impure diamond achieves coherence times of over a minute. Experimental models of astrophysical and planetary dynamos have been studied in the laboratory and generate magnetic fields with new geometries. Magnetism Fluid Dynamics Geophysics. Magnetism Synopsis: A One-Way Road for Microwaves September 18, A simple device controls which direction microwaves travel in a circuit, a critical ingredient for quantum technologies that demand sensitive signal detection.

    Facebook Twitter Pinterest Share. Description Reviews More Details. Description This text presents a comprehensive account of the magnetic fields of various celestial bodies - the Sun, the Moon, planets, stars, the Milky Way, and galaxies, as well as the interplanetary, interstellar and intergalactic media. The original Chinese edition was published in Beijing in The present English edition has been enhanced and thoroughly rewritten. This monograph is characterized by its detail and may be used as a reference and textbook for scientific researchers and students of astronomy, space physics, geophysics and other related sciences.

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