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Forgot Password? It performs system functions, i. It can handle forms, i. You can add, delete, modify elements within your database with the help of PHP. Access cookies variables and set cookies. Using PHP, you can restrict users to access some pages of your website and also encrypt data. Static Websites. Dynamic Websites. You cannot change anything in the site as it is predefined. In dynamic websites, content of script can be changed at the run time. Its content is regenerated every time a user visits or reloads. Constants can only be defined using the define function.

Variables can be defined by simple assignment. Constants may be defined and accessed anywhere without regard to variable scoping rules. In PHP, functions by default can only create and access variables within its own scope. Variables can be redefined for each path individually. Constructor have same name as the Class name.

Everything is passed by value. All objects are passed by references. PHP5 allows to declare a class as abstract. It allows to have static Methods and Properties in a class. Scalar Types. Compound Types. Special Types.


Object orientated programming. Mike Boht 5.

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Passionate developer focused on building websites, apps, games, and DLT. Hi everyone, I'm Mike, pleasure to meet you! I've been a passionate developer for well over a decade now, I'm constantly learning new languages and techniques and I am always pleased to share my Shivam Mathur 5. If you need help with any project, drop a message with the details. I'm a full-stack software developer. I have consulted for, designed and developed a number of websites and apps. I have Search engine optimization. Charles Allison 5. I'm a software craftsman. I love to make complex things really simple I love cartoons and enjoy music as I write code.

I am achievement oriented and goal driven. Fluent nhibernate.

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Software architecture. Zach Peyton 5. I started learning to code when I was in high school, 16 years ago. I can do everything from Wordpress widgets to co-founding start-ups with MVPs. When I'm not coding I'm playing my guitar, pondering the world. I hope I can help you with your project. Everyone should know how to code. I'm here to help with that mission. I look forward to a time when programming is no longer a mystery.

Version control. Amazon web services. Mohamed Fawzan 5. An Engineer by profession, Programming is my passion. Every Jobs needs a Wozniak, and I'd love to be Linux system administrator. Jeremy Jackson 5. Microsoft excel. Oscar Nevarez 5. I've been around technology and software since I can remember, that's 15 years already.

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Although my dad and I never had a sporty moment, we had many geek programming ones. PHP code profiler is one of the most widely used performance monitoring tools for improving user experience, it can easily identify the backlogs of a web application in real time. Selenium is one of the best testing tools for acceptance and integration testing. It is suitable for browser testing and compatible for all browser. For better PHP web development , a suitable framework, debugging tools, performance monitoring tools, security tools, and Quality Assurance tools are must.

We have discus every development step with its popular tools. Feel free to discuss your requirement with our expert.

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